WNYC Archive

Although the archive was only established in 2000, WNYC has been documenting New York City for over 85 years. The archive holds more than 50,000 recordings in a wide range of formats including, but not limited to, photographs, news documents, early lacquer discs and digital tapes. Over the years, WNYC 93.9 FM (and AM 820) has hosted programs from the BBC, PRI and NPR as well as producing several local programs such as Radiolab, Soundcheck and Spinning on Air. Current shows and many no longer airing are available through the archive. Visit the archive at http://www.wnyc.org/series/archives-and-preservation/

From their collection, WNYC will be presenting Around New York: On the Subway (1964) from producer and sound historian Tony Schwartz, who recorded more than 30,000 sound portraits from the 1940s on. These portraits capture distinct moments around the city and give New York a voice, a melody and a resonance unattainable through photos or prose.